Located along the shop houses of USJ 21 just opposite Main Place shopping mall lies Oh Scooter Café. The café opened in April 2015 and was founded by a college student who is a fan of scooters, as seen by the scooter murals in the café and the Vespa that makes a perennial appearance in the parking lot. The owner had dreams of owning her own bakery, but was concerned that just having baked goods might be too boring, so serving coffee was an afterthought.

This brings us to what makes Oh Scooter Café stand out from all the other cafes out there, and that is the signature deconstructed coffee. This standout item features cotton candy, espresso, and milk that are all served separately. The cotton candy acts as the sugar component to the coffee, so pieces of cotton candy are torn and placed into the cup of milk. After that, the hot espresso helps to melt the coffee and infuse both the coffee and cotton candy flavours into the milk, which create an unforgettable cup of coffee. There are also a number of teas to enjoy here to break up the caffeinated monotony.

Even though the food at Oh Scooter Café is limited to desserts, a similar creative edge is also noticed here. This is seen in dessert items like the rainbow pancakes and the poptail. The poptail features a two layered Popsicle that’s dipped in a mocktail mix for more flavour (hence where the name came from). There are also more familiar dessert items her such as the chocolate banoffee cake, salted caramel chocolate, mille crepes, brownies, "scooter" macarons, and much more. Also, they have recently introduced cold brewed coffees, certainly the best bet if you're on the go.

So if you’re looking for a cosy café with an undeniably unique spin on things, the Oh Scooter Café is definitely the place to be.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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