Neu Vegetarian Restaurant Petaling Jaya

For the past few years, vegetarian restaurants have been mushrooming out of the fact that vegan lifestyle is gaining popularity day by day. Among the well known ones, sit Neu Vegetarian Restaurant as one of the pioneers of vegetarian restaurants around Petaling Jaya. Tucked in the midst of business between the neighbouring area of USJ 9 and USJ 6, Neu Vegetarian Restaurant has been around for more than a decade and the age that it holds is reflected on the worn out signage hanging beneath front door that does not stop welcoming its customers from the day of the past. Alike of the old fashion way of our familiar family restaurant, Neu Vegetarian Restaurant set forth a simple setting and environment with white coloured fluorescent tubes to lit the shade and red coloured tables and chairs filling up most of the spaces here. The interior decoration of bright red coloured tanglung draping the ceiling is really eye-catching.

 Nevertheless, the spotlight has to be shed on the stretch of menus that this restaurant has to offer for instance Neu’s specialty of Fried Tofu in Soy Sauce with bits of mushrooms and cuts of pak choi. Where it is obvious that no meat contains in any of the dishes here but nevertheless, the alternatives that Neu produces are quite remarkable – when the usual assam fish dish comes as part of our craving, Neu’s version of assam fish comes to the rescue with fish-shaped tofu dunked in a pool of assam gravy and to our surprise, the difference is pretty invisible. In short, Neu Vegetarian Restaurant is worth a shot for fixing a vegan way of lifestyle.