Naughty Nelly Restoran and Bar Subang Jaya

Naughty Nelly is a great spot to wind down after a hectic day at work and it is also a popular hangout spots for college students. If you're in the mood for a combination of both beer and pool, then this is the best place to be. Every now and then they feature live performances as part of their entertainment.

The chicken chop is by far one of their must try signatures .It comprises of perfectly grilled chicken thigh marinated with special ingredients, submerged in a rich and savory black pepper spice which results in a very aromatic smell. It is also served alongside mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and some gravy.

Next up, pizza is also a staple here. Naughty Nelly offers Hawaiian style Pizza which is packed with loads of cheese followed by a topping of mushrooms and the best part, chunks of juicy pork meat! And this wouldn’t be a Hawaiian style Pizza without Pineapples which it is also topped with. The crust is thin and crunchy plus it’s made in house.

Another signature of Naughty Nelly would have to be the Aglio-Olio. For all you pasta lovers out there, this Aglio olio is special because it is topped with crispy bits of pork bacon and topped with chili flakes for that added kick! 

The slow grilled Norwegian Salmon Steak here is one dish you’ll definitely want to try at Naughty Nelly. Where the fish is seared to a crisp perfection, and the overall texture of the meat is nice and flaky. The salmon fillet is served alongside mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables for that added crunch in the overall taste. 

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