We all know nasi lemak is a timeless Malaysian classic. Here at Nasi Lemak Factory, they aim to put a twist to our national dish that essentially brings a variety of taste and flavours to your everyday nasi lemak. All this is done with the use of healthy and fresh ingredient while the form of variation is done through a range of side dish options!

Started in 2017, Nasi Lemak factory has been brewing up a storm with their signature customizable nasi lemak! Guests are able to mix and match their desired sides with up to five different dishes! With flexibility and freshness in mind, this place definitely has something for everybody! 

The restaurant features a self designed interior that was inspired by the diversity of Malaysia! With a cosy and modern setting, Nasi Lemak factory aims cater to families and people of all ages that enjoys a homemade variety to their nasi lemak! 

Without further ado, let's get to the food! First up, we have a nasi lemak with a variety of sides! Such as the sweet and sour fresh sardine nasi lemak. This will surely satisfy the cravings for all you sardine lovers out there. The sardines used are not canned, they are fresh cuts. The sardine add a nice complementary taste when eaten with the nasi lemak rice. 

Then we have the Nasi Lemak plus fried chicken set. Now this is a fan favourite, you get the best of both worlds as you combine the wholesome taste of nasi lemak alongside crunchy fried chicken that also adds a nice level of texture to the overall taste!

For all you vegetarians out there, there are options to cater to your needs such as Nasi Lemak plus Telur puyuh(quail eggs)  and sambal petai. This is great option as it is also a very wholesome meal and quail eggs add a unique twist in the overall flavour of the sambal!

Next, we have nasi lemak rendang kerang (cockles). Now this another great option as you get to bring a unique twist of flavors to the everyday nasi lemak. The rendang kerang adds a nice spice factor and again compliments the rice. 

Finally, we have the Curry Pork. Now this dish has a high flavor profile with the curry consisting of a unique blend of spices. This dish goes well with rice and is also a must try when at The Nasi Lemak Factory.

Other than nasi lemak, they also have fried rice options. Like the mixed vege and luncheon meat fried rice is a filling meal that comprises of fried rice mixed with seasonal vegetables and cuts of pork meat. This is topped with a fried egg to further enrich the dish!

For those that felt like having noodles instead, they also provide noodle options such as the Bamboo wantan mee with luncheon meat. Here’s a fun fact, the noodles are made from dough kneaded with bamboo sticks. This in return infuses the bamboo flavor in the noodles which elevates the flavor!

As for dessert we had their signature homemade ice cream in Rum and Raisins! It tastes creamy and has a nice texture to it. It is a good end to wash down all those spices! WIth a range of flavors from avocado to durian & cempedak, the ice cream has been a hit within locals for their localized flavours!