Fancy a meal of rice accompanied with an exhilarating rush of spiciness? Or with a juicy piece of tender, succulent chicken? If you are craving for both, make your way down to Mutiara Damansara where your meal of gastronomical proportions await.

Nestled in one of the many commercial hubs of Mutiara Damansara, Nasi Kukus Ilham caters to the craving of the masses when it comes to having a simple but good meal of rice. Simplicity at its best, but flavourful due to the assortment of condiments that accompanies the dish, the aptly named 'steamed rice' hits right at home, satiating the hunger pangs of many with food that will remind one of hearth and home.

In essence, the rice is as plain as it gets but the condiments that accompanied the rice help give the dish its unique flavours. A concoction of their own design, which comes in the form of an acar made of chilli and pineapple chunks help provide the zesty zing that will excite your taste buds while the addition of fried anchovies and help generate a crunchy texture to the bite. The chicken on the other hand, is marinated prior to being tossed into deep-fry and emerges from the wok crispy on the outside, and decadently tender on the insides. Savoury to the palate, coupled with the zing of the acar, the dish is complemented well in terms of taste. 

Here in Nasi Kukus Ilham, they also serve a rendition of rojak, assorted fruits and vegetables smothered with savoury prawn paste and topped with prawn crackers of their own making.