If you're staying around the area of Puchong Jaya, you might be familiar with a certain Nasi Kandar Sri Belanga. Situated right beside Kinrara Ria Apartments, this is a spot frequented mainly by the residents of the immediate area when on the lookout for mamak food.

Like many of the other Nasi Kandar outlets scattered all across Puchong, Sri Belanga's menu comprises of your generic list of Malay, Indian or Indian-Muslim dishes, from roti canais to naan (Cheese Naan is a go here, do give it a try) and tandoori, mee goreng to nasi lemak and of course, nasi kandar

In terms of its nasi kandar, while vegetarian dishes are nothing to shout about, the protein-based dishes are pretty much above average when it comes to the overall taste. Their fried chicken are always good to go along with the rice, providing a satisfying crunch derived from the crispiness of the skin while the tender meat white of poultry oozes with juicy goodness. Their curry -whether it be chicken, beef or mutton, even fish; are always hot in demand due to their traits of enhancing any dish in particular. The fragrance is not at all overpowering, while the spiciness is not too hot to handle, making it perfect for everyone in general.

But if you're in Nasi Kandar Sri Belanga off Jalan 4/14, Puchong Jaya, it's strongly recommended that you try their mutton curry. A tad bit more expensive than other meat dishes (but then again, it's the same everywhere else, no?), the dish more than compensates for its financial drawback in terms of taste. Simply put, it's rich, both in flavor and in texture, not to mention level of spiciness. Using plenty of different spices and herbs, with generous amount of mutton added into the curry base, the end product is heavenly. Masked by the overall smell of curry, the mutton come off as odorless, and instead just retain the soft and tender texture of lean meat. Words can hardly do it justice.

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