Nasi Kandar Pelita @ Puchong Puchong

Strategically located right beside the highway cutting across the city of Puchong, a stone's throw away from IOI Mall, Nasi Kandar Pelita @ Puchong houses plenty of Indian-Muslim cuisine capable of shooing away all your hunger problems. 

Their menu boasts of a comprehensive selection of rice, noodle, rotis, and side dishes that caters to all kinds of palate. In terms of their rice-based dishes, aside from the usual nasi lemak, nasi goreng ala Cina, Melayu or mamak (Indian-Muslim) and others, the highlight among all of Pelita's rice-based dishes is the nasi kandar. From a wide selection of curry, meat, seafood and vegetable, you can get yourself a rather well-rounded meal for an affordable price with good taste to boot. 

Utilizing fragrant herbs and aromatic spices as ingredients for their curry, the end product is a item that many would wolf down with relish. It's not entirely spicy, but instead the curry come off as balanced, with distinguishable taste of savory, sweet and tangy goodness. The heartiness of the food will definitely bring about a satisfied sense of fulfillment. 

Of course, if you are not in the mood for rice, you can always opt for their noodles, either fried or soupy. Both have their own distinct tastes to look out for but at the same time guaranteed to satisfy in terms of taste and portion. For something even less heavier, their various kinds of rotis are also a viable alternative. Light and easy to take in, coupled with the fragrant aroma of starchy bread and scrumptious curry gravy, you are bound to have a good time.

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