This is one place situated in an apartment. It is like your friendly neighbourhood cafe. Best off all, the apartment it is situated at once a location shoot for a Malaysian Chinese movie. The name Narō came up from the word "narrow", it is basically the pronunciation of the word. It is meant to signify that at this narrow alley or cafe, there's still something good being served. Newly opened in October 2017, Narō has been reviewed well by many other channels. This cafe is small that provides comfort but still enjoyable. Narō's interior aims to give people a relaxing chill felling and most of their decors were even DIY projects. From their wooden tables to the designs of their menu and even a Chester Bennington mural on the wall were crafted by the owner of Narō.

First off , you should know that Narō focuses mainly on serving drinks and they really do have a long list of extraordinary drinks. Different type of drink series that contains variety of drinks. Worry not as they do serve food too like their Signature Fried Rice that is sort of spicy, Red Ready Spaghetti and Salted Egg Chicken Chop rice that is personally my favourite. Their set lunch is one of the famous orders customers would go for which last from 12-3pm.
Be blown away with the drinks they are able to create from scratch, each drink has its' own uniqueness. From tomato drinks to drinks with cheese and the most quirkiest would be the drink that taste like beer but is not beer!