Located on the ground floor of the recently refurbished mall of SS15 Courtyard or some of you may know it as First Subang Mall, this café looks more like a very modern beautiful blend of a five star tropical resort and a café. Placed next to the main entrance of the mall and next to the total opposite in ambience and feel of Yesterday café, this can definitely give you a choice to choose between two very different cafes. 

Naj & Belle is not as hard to locate as it is to choose from their menu. Everything they serve is pretty straightforward. It is not hard to spot the place from a far, and it does help that it is located inside a relatively small mall. Located amongst the many eateries, shops and cafes, Naj & Belle does indeed stand out from the rest, in terms of style, décor and exterior looks. Upon stepping inside, one can expect a warm greeting from the staff and an array of seats to choose from, be it inside or outside the café. 
Wherever you choose to sit, you can enjoy the warm and cosy ambience that the café emits. Being a coffee house, espresso-based drinks are a sure find. The usual, with milk or black, café lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and the lot are available, all made by a very determined barista to make your every cup an enjoyment. Cakes are also available here together with a range of food to choose from.