Muse Eatery Petaling Jaya

This shop in Section 17, Petaling Jaya serves varieties of modern and fusion food on their menu. Not only they serve good food, but the vibes surrounding this restaurant is very chill and the interior is 'instagrammable' too. Look out other cafes in PJ, Muse Eatery is coming for the 'Best Cafe in PJ' title. The interior of this restaurant is decorated with neon lights, vibrant color walls, plants, and some floral motifs paintings, coming together to create a contemporary mood or vibe. You'll be mesmerized right way the moment you enter this cafe.

There are so many foods that are worth to try here at Muse Eatery. Their drinks for starters, the Milo Kaw Kaw blended is a perfect thirst quencher. Milo, milk, and ice blended together to create a delicious, cold drink that is known as one of the Malaysian favorites. Topped with whipped cream and some Milo powder, it really makes this drink one of the Muse Eatery's best selling drinks. 

Milo Kaw Kaw blended

If you're a coffee lover, don't worry Muse Eatery also serves a good Cappuccino. According to the manager of Muse Eatery himself, their Cappuccino is a perfect mixture of Nicaragua and Colombia coffee, giving you the taste and the fragrant aroma of the two coffees. A perfect choice for a coffee lover. 

Hot Cappucino

Moving on to the main courses, Muse Eatery offers quite a variety of food. One of their specials here is Muse Chicken Chop. Grilled chicken thigh served with potato cake (deep fried mash potato), black pepper/brown mushroom sauce and salad on the side. The potato really gives this chicken a chop a nice twist as the potato cake has a nice crust on the outside and mushy on the inside. Just imagine the mouthfeel when eating this dish. The mushy texture of the potato cake, plus with the tender grilled chicken, glazed with the sauce of choice. What a yummy combination! 

Muse Chicken Chop

Other than their chicken chop, make sure to try their signature, Muse Shrimp Aglio-Olio  too. Pasta that is sauteed together with minced garlic, olive oil, and fresh tiger prawns. This pasta is seasoned to perfection and the spiciness is just right, making you want take another bite of this pasta. 

Muse Shrimp Aglio Olio

Their chicken and pasta are delicious but do you want to know what's the real deal? The Har Jiong Kai Burger. The patty, which is chicken thigh, is marinated with shrimp paste (belacan). It may sound weird but the shrimp paste definitely makes this burger 100x times better. Har Jiong Kai Burger also comes with French fries that are thick, compact and well-seasoned on the side. This particular burger is a mixture of eastern and western flavors. If you want to run away from the ordinary burgers out there, come to Muse Eatery and try the Har Jiong Kai Burger yourself! 

Har Jiong Kai Burger

Now, let's talk about desserts, what's more comforting than sweet, enjoyable desserts to close your meal right? Here at Muse Eatery their desserts also are the food that can't be missed out on. Their Signature Tiramisu is heavenly good too, cofee flavored desserts and with cocoa powder on top. The cocoa powder specifically gives this Italian dessert a bittersweet taste, giving you the classic, and authentic Tiramisu flavor. 

Signature Tiramisu

Beside their Signature Tiramisu, their Cookies Skillet with Ice Creamis definitely the most bestselling desserts here at Muse Eatery. The soft-cookie is baked right after you ordered it which means the cookie is really fresh and hot when it arrives at your table. On top of the cookies, they also put vanilla ice cream which is the complementary flavor to his dessert. Hot soft-cookie eaten with cold, freezing vanilla ice cream will surely give you an other-worldly taste. Both the cookies and the ice cream works so well in your mouth. 

Come over to Muse Eatery to enjoy all the good foods that they have to offer with friends or family.