Mr. Dakgalbi @ Citta Mall Petaling Jaya

Ever since the K-Pop wave took the world by storm, a vast majority of the culinary scene in Asia as well as the Western countries have been peppered with the budding of cafes and restaurants of Korean origins. Mr. Dakgalbi is no exception. As far as Malaysia is concerned, Mr. Dalgalbi sports quite the impressive reputation with franchises scattered throughout major cities and states of Malaysia.

As its name suggests, in terms of the menu, Mr. Dakgalbi serves their rendition of grilled chicken lathered with spicy Korean chilli-and-kimchi-infused paste, which brings forth an acquired taste that may not sit well with some. But rest assured, for those who like their Korean culinary fare, you are in for a tantalising treat in Mr. Dakgalbi.

Grilled right in front of your very eyes for the additional wow factor, as well as ensuring that customers get a glimpse that Mr. Dakgalbi serves only freshly cooked food, this classic dish entails the presence of cabbages, chives, pickled radishes, tteokbokki (rice cakes), succulent chicken tenders as well as the mandatory red spicy paste in its making. Patrons may choose between rice or ramen to go along with the dakgalbi, but why settle for one when you can have the best of both worlds? 

Taste wise, patrons will be thrown into a gastronomical adventure of flavours and texture. Taking in a mouthful of the dakgalbi will certainly bring forth the signature spicy kick derived from the red paste but patrons will also be able to taste a subtle hint of sweetness as well as savouriness present in the dish. Texture wise, the tenderness of the chicken contrasts with the crunchiness of the cabbages, while the rice cakes provide chewier bite. And for those who are a real glutton for cheese, patrons can also opt for a version where a outer cheese ring is included as part of the dish, where patrons can dip (think fondue) their food in the savoury, creamy mixture of gooey, melted cheese.