Mr Chicken is an establishment located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong as the go to place for steamed chicken. Situated among other variety of Chinese food, the area can be considered a Chinese food haven for Puchong people. The simple bright red shop banner is not easy to miss as you drive along the street. Be prepared to see a number of chickens hanging in the stall up front of the restaurant. Already a popular choice for meals especially during dinner, the restaurant is almost always full with adoring patrons.

The most sought after dish here, is quite obviously, the chicken. Even more so, the Steamed Village Chicken. All the chicken served here is fresh from the farm and arrive at the establishment in just two days time. Village chicken or kampung chicken is known for their smaller size but chewier and more savoury meat. And Mr Chicken served them up with rice like the usual chicken rice, except it is kampung chicken and steamed rather than roasted. Customers are able to choose which part of the chicken they want to be served such as the Chicken Thigh Rice; wonderfully succulent, the chicken is plated on top of some cucumbers and bathe with sauce. As expected of Chinese restaurants, there are always choices of soups and other side dishes. The Watercress Soup releases heat, nourishes and cools the body while the Crispy Deep-fried Pork is addictively crispy and hardly greasy. Other things on the menu also include tofu, vegetables and fish.

Mr Chicken is known for their delicious and quality food but what kept them strong is the ability to yet remain affordable even after all this time. No matter what it is, the public is most appreciative when good food doesn’t cost much to have.

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