Moku is a Japanese grill and barbeque fusion restaurant located in Ara Damansara. Since its inception in 2015, Moku has delivered on the promise of East meets West, with their selection of grilled and barbequed yakitori. This concept of East meets West can also be found in the wide selection of salads, main dishes, and side orders available at Moku.

What would catch your attention at first is the alfresco dining space which is astutely decorated with wooden furniture, which somewhat offers a trellises-like feel. Inside, the mixture of colourful posters and ornaments on the brick wall, as well as wooden tables and chairs in different shades and sizes is nothing but Instagram-friendly. 

As far as the main dishes are concerned, customers can enjoy fusion dishes like teriyaki chicken spaghetti. Other pastas like spaghetti carbonara and smoked duck spaghetti can be savoured here, as well as other Asian main courses like yakiniku and katsudon. However, the yakitori is the star of the show at Moku, and they have to be eaten along with these main courses. From chicken wings, to pork belly slices with enoki mushrooms and other seafood and vegetable items, there's plenty of delicacies on a stick to choose from.

There are also a number of sides to choose from at Moku, which also get a similar East meets West treatment. This is seen in items like miso soup, fried chicken wings, garlic fried rice and golden fried shrimp to name a few. All this rich food can be washed down with a choice of four different cold-pressed juices, as well as a variety of teas, beers, sodas and desserts (i.e. coconut pudding, HK Sayung).

In short, Moku does a great job of driving home the East meets West concept with the wide selection of starters, mains, sides, and most importantly, the yakitori. This is one place to not miss out when it comes to fusion cuisine.