Rejoice for those you enjoy cooking a variety of skewered food just by dipping into hot water. Opened for a few years now in the midst of Klang, this renamed place- Modern Satay Lok Lok (more commonly known as ‘Satay Celup’ or ‘Steamboat Satay’ back in Melaka) has been roping in customers who wants to ‘play with their food’ and share the fun together with friends and families.

When you turn up at the place, it is expected that places will be filled during the dinner time. Therefore, in midst of waiting, you will be given a handwritten number for a more systematic waiting process. Because there are times where patrons are seen standing and eyeing like a hawk in guarding a table that is about to leave and then swoop in to claim their place. Situations like that can end up ugly if not taken care of. The interior is air-conditioned for a more comfortable cooking atmosphere.

There are about 3 soup bases to choose from: Satay base, the renowned spicy Tom Yam and last but not least the clear soup for those who prefer a safer option. You have a section to choose your raw ingredients from and with it neatly organised on the shelves, you are up for a treat! Besides the range of seafood products as well as balls of tender meat, you also get fresh vegetables like Romaine lettuce or even the ready-cooked ones. There is a provided corner away from your table that involves barbecuing or frying your raw ingredients if you prefer your food to be crispy and crunchy.

Check out their promotions where your price of one stick will be down to only RM 1!