Mocktail Bar @ Da:men Mall Subang Jaya

Located in the food court at the lower ground floor of Da:men Mall lies the aptly named Mocktail Bar, a stall/bar specialising in the non-alcoholic version of cocktails known to most people as mocktails. These drinks are great for those who are looking for a healthy beverage option, or just to mitigate the risk of being inebriated and intoxicated. Besides the outlet in Da:men Mall, Mocktail Bar has outlets in a number of different areas in the country such as Ipoh and Klang.

The drinks at Mocktail Bar cover a very wide variety as far as beverages go, with 26 beverages to choose from. There are mocktails like the virgin apple mojito, cucumber apple mint spritz, ginger pop, hand squeezed lemonade, Shirley Temple, and a whole lot more. Then there are also the fizzy mocktails, which take some of the aforementioned mocktails, as well as a few new ones, and add carbonated soda to it to give it an additional dimension to further elevate the drinking experience. Many of these drinks use fresh ingredients such as fresh apples, mint, peach, and anything else in between. If you’re looking for a “pick me up”, there are a number of coffee items to choose from, be it iced coffee treats like the frozen Frappuccino, Vienna iced coffee, or more familiar hot coffees like the Americano, cappuccino, and café latte. There are also slightly more interesting coffee drinks here such as the toasted cinnamon marshmallow latte, and the peanut butter cappuccino.


So if you’re looking for great gourmet lifestyle beverages on the go, then Mocktail Bar is definitely the place to go.