Mimi Nguyen Cafe is a Vietnamese-style cafe situated in Puchong. This cafe is operated by a Malaysian along with his Vietnamese wife. If you have been to Vietnam and try their food, there is no doubt that the dishes served in Mimi Nguyen Cafe are enough to cure your cravings for real and cheap Vietnamese food! 

This Chinese-Vietnamese oriented cafe is easily spotted because it is a double-storey building. What makes it so extraordinary is, the ground floor is used as a 'Vietnamese store'. Some goods that are only available in Vietnam can be found here. If you are interested in cooking up your homemade phở, you can get your ingredients here!

The cafe has a welcoming atmosphere that makes everyone feels comfortable. The cafe gets quite crowded during peak hours and service may be slow due to the large crowds. The Vietnamese staff is able to speak in Chinese and that is a plus point! They even serve a complimentary drink for every customer.

If you want to have something filling for your tummy, check out their best-selling homemade Vietnamese beef noodles. The serving is more than enough to satisfy your hunger! The Vietnamese baguette is a must-try too. For something light, you have to try the Vietnamese spring rolls. Pork, vegetables, prawn -- all-in-one. Make sure to check their seafood out.

Their own crafted drinks like Green Milk Tea is a must-try!