Menara Muse by Rubab Fatima Subang Jaya

Authentic Pakistani food is a little bit hard to find in Malaysia but afraid not, Menara Muse is here to satisfy your Pakistani food cravings. Located in USJ, this restaurant, which is owned by Datin Rubab Fatima serves everything from aromatic Mutton Briyani, to soft Naan. 

The moment you step into this restaurant, the environment of this restaurant is so elegant and classy. Plus, the walls are decorated with magnificent and beautiful photos from Travel Photographer Society, which is owned by Datin Rubab Fatima's friends.

The first dish that is worth to try when coming here is, of course, Mutton Briyani. You can't go wrong with Briyani, whether it's chicken, beef or mutton. This rice is so fragrant because it's cooked with various spices, giving you the original Pakistani flavor that your mouth will never forget. The Mutton chunks in this biryani are also very huge and tender, thus, making this dish very popular among Menara Muse's customers. Mutton Briyani is also served with vegetable salad, yogurt raita, and mint sauce.

Mutton Briyani

Next, their Mixed Vegetables is also one of the bestsellers at here and their chef's special secret too. Carrot, cabbage, long beans, and other seasonal vegetables are cooked together with spices. This dish is suitable to be eaten with plain briyani or even naan. The Mixed Vegetable is also good for kids as the hot level is not that extreme.

Mixed Vegetables

Another side dish in Menara Muse menu, Palak Paneer. A creamy and rich vegetarian dish of spinach puree and cottage cheese cooked with cream and few spices. This dish is mildly spiced and best to be enjoyed with plain briyani and also can be a dipping sauce for naan.

Palak Paneer

Malaysians are going crazy over Butter Chicken and lately, we can see almost every cafe in town is serving Butter Chicken. Menara Muse is also jumping into the Butter Chicken bandwagon but with a Pakistani twist. Menara Muse version of Butter Chicken is heavily based on Pakistani-style Butter Chicken which is cooked with aromatic spices, tomato puree, and cream. This Butter Chicken is also cooked using a secret recipe that has been passed on for generations. Menara Muse's Butter Chicken will have all the Butter Chicken lovers hooked with it mildly spiced taste.

Butter Chicken

What a Pakistani restaurant without Naan on its menu. Menara Muse is also serving a variety of Naan, from Plain Naan to Keema Naan (stuffed with minced mutton), but among all of the Naans, Butter Naan is a must try. The Butter Naan is glazed with butter, giving the sweet and salty taste. Meanwhile the texture, there's a little crust built on the outside and soft on the inside, making this naan is a perfect dish to be eaten on its own or with dipping sauce/curry.

Butter Naan

All these delicious and irresistible dishes are not complete with a drink. Menara Muse's Mint Lemonade is a must-have drink that will complete your meal with its refreshing mixture of Lemonade and Mint blended together with ice.

Mint Lemonade

Every Sunday, Menara Muse also will be serving brunch which all the food are cooked by Datin Rubab Fatima herself, giving the food a friendly, and homecooked touch that will be enjoyed by the customers later.


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