It is common knowledge that if one wants to get good street food the next best place for it after ‘pasar malam’ is a food court. In Klang’s Taman Eng Ann, there is a Chinese food court that kept the traditional local Chinese cuisine alive. Operates in a very simple setting of plastic tables and chairs, with an over-roof to kept from the heat and rain, this humble establishment has been serving up the best of the best of local foods in Klang. Known simply as the Medan Selera Eng Ann, this is the place to go for a worthwhile meal that hits right on the taste buds but easy on the spending.

The thing about food courts is that one stall usually caters to only a few dishes, and the one or two that seemed to be more popular than others. From Popiah and Rojak, to Yong Tau Foo and Chee Cheong Fun, the desserts Cendol and ABC are also among of the top menus available. There are two Popiah stalls here for your choosing where the recipe is similar but the taste is lightly different. The Indian Rojak stall is maintains its authenticity with great, much loved, ingredients. Yong Tau Foo is served with the thick brown sauce and sprinkled over with sesame seeds while the Chee Cheong Fun is a whole load of flavour in one plate.

Newer addition to the food court include the more fulfilling choices like Char Kuey Teow and Assam Laksa, where the rich flavours of both propels the dishes to the top. Bear in mind that it can get particularly crowded on certain days and during peak hours so prepare yourself to wait in line for your food. 

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