Matahariis Banana Leaf Seri Kembangan

If you're looking for a classic banana leaf rice in the Serdang area, Matahariis Banana Leaf has been garnering the title for the best despite being new to the game! Accumulating a near perfect rating of 4.5 stars on google reviews, this banana leaf joint is serving an extensive range of home cooked side dishes with lots of vegetables and meats in addition to their main banana leaf rice!  

The eatery embodies a classic yet sleek canteen style interior as simplicity is always the best! With plenty of tables lined throughout the narrow yet spacious restaurant, they are definitely equipped to accommodate a hungry crowd during lunch hour.

Matahariis also features a mixed rice inspired concept at the other side of the eatery. With their best and signature dishes displayed, guests can pick out as much as they need as self service is encouraged here! 

Tangy Tomato Rice

To start off the meal, we were served a variety of lassies in mango,lemon and sea salt flavor respectively! Would personally recommend the classic mango as you can never go wrong with a staple but if you’re feeling adventures the latter 2 will be a pleasant surprise!

As for the banana leaf rice, it’s definitely as classic as it can get! It  Paired with a custom mixture of curries, side of veggies and rice served in a banana leaf, it offers a taste of nostalgia which transports you back to the taste that you yearn for in a banana leaf rice!