For us Malaysians, we get to blessed by the fact that we get to experience a variety of food from various cultures. Banana Leaf spread is one of the many meals we get to experience. Here at Matahariis, we get to enjoy the very best of Indian banana leaf meals as well as various other dishes all made with the freshest ingredients. 
The Banana leaf spread consists of various dishes such as Chicken 65 which is a deep-fried chicken dish and the one here at Matahariis is juicy and tender and you can taste the various spices in it. We also have mutton varuval which again is both juicy and tender and comprises of a spice blend that really brings out the flavors. 
Then no meal is complete without some vegetables. We get a variety of selections like pickled relish, cabbage and more. All this comes together and results in a hearty and wholesome meal. You also get a wide selection of drinks such as their signature Fizzy lemon soda which is made of a blend of lemon and herbs, this results in a refreshing drink. 
The overall environment at Matahariis is best described as cozy. As you enter you see the various selections of food available. All you have to do is pick from the various options available. The lunch crowd is also very prominent here especially on the weekdays. So a tip would be to be there early to grab the dishes fresh. Matahariis opens from 10 to 4pm every weekday. Do visit for further information regarding special daily Briyani updates and more. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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