Located in Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana, Maria’s Restaurant & Cafe serves the best, if not, well-executed steaks around Petaling Jaya. Well known for their Wagyu and Black Angus beef, these are some of the highlights the place received which seem to be one of the reasons patrons regulates themselves to this cafe. Apparently, Maria’s Cafe was first established in Ipoh and after quite some time their popularity has arisen that led to PJ’s outlet to be opened. The Tan family, pioneer to this beloved steakhouse, put forth an idea to cater a steakhouse with simple looking Western dishes yet delicious ones at a reasonable price.

Stepping inside this restaurant, surprisingly the setting does not set off the hype on what the place has been serving. In fact, their well-designed restaurant is meant to be alike of a decent steakhouse, quite much what the Tan family plied of originally just like the dishes. Two compartments are offered where customers can opt for either an indoor space with air conditioner or the outer one with fans to ventilate anyone filling it. Whichever you would want to enjoy your steak in, the place must-haves definitely cannot be missed.

Before heading to the mains, patrons often whet up their appetite with soups, where their pumpkin and mushroom soup is highly rated. Rich and aromatic are best terms to describe the creamy concoctions. 

This place ranges its menu from pastas, gourmet sandwiches to of course their signature Australian wagyu beef. The steaks here are grilled with minimum amount of seasoning as to not overwhelm the authentic taste of the beef. Maria’s rib eye steak is also seem to have its own spotlight where praises are given by customers on it. And what better pal to accompany the manner of meats than curated wines. 

All in all, Maria’s Restaurant & Cafe is the ultimate place to be for your steak crave to be fixed.