Mamak Lemak Restaurant is one of the latest restaurant addition to SS15 Courtyard. Opened in May 2018, Mamak Lemak is a casual restaurant that serves authentic Malaysian dishes with nyonya dishes as their main focus. You can easily locate the restaurant as it is just located nearby the LG floor entrance of Courtyard.

Upon stepping into Mamak Lemak, you will be welcomed by their friendly waiters and they will eventually bring you to your desired seat. The restaurant's interior is a mid century modern style with simple furniture and dim yellow lights. Overall, the ambience feels homey and comfortable, bonus point for their comfy cushion chairs and calming jazz background music! 

Mamak Lemak Restaurant is an all day dining restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. They offer different kinds of food that symbolizes Malaysia. Just by the name of the restaurant, you can already tell that they indeed serve Nasi Lemak! They also serve Nyonya style dishes like curry and tomyam. Mamak Lemak's signature dish is their Nasi Lemak Chicken Berempah which the ayam berempah is marinated with 10 different kinds of herbs and spices making the chicken crispy and juicy! Do keep in mind that Nasi Lemak is only served for breakfast and lunch. Better be early before their limited signature Chicken Berempah runs out! 

If you're in search of a dish to spice up your day, be sure to try out their Tomyum Seafood and Roasted Curry Promfret that is match made in heaven with rice! At Mamak Lemak, for breakfast, you can enjoy a traditional Malaysian breakfast. For lunch, Nasi Lemak sets that comes with a beverage. For dinner, dinner sets with balanced nutrition dishes that are perfect for a family dinner! Mamak Lemak Resturant also accepts reservations, feel free to call the phone number provided to get in touch with the restaurant.