Malay cuisine can be sorted into many categories based on different states in Malaysia. The most common ones are the Northern, Southern, and East Coast Malaysian cuisine. For Mak Uda Selera Timur Restaurant, they are specifically known for serving authentic East Coast delicacies for the people in Shah Alam. Tucked away in a rather quiet area, TTDI Jaya, this restaurant is popular among the locals for serving delightful traditional Terengganu cuisine especially during breakfast.


The eatery provides different choices of menu throughout the day in order to cater a large number of diners with different appetite. In the morning, patrons can spot quite a variety of mouth-watering delicacies arranged in displaying trays. Dishes like Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Laksam, Pulut Lepa, and Nasi Impit are all available for those who want to experience East Coast cuisine. However, typical Malay breakfast dishes including nasi lemak, me goreng, bihun goreng, and roti canai are also up on the menu. During lunch, lots of side dishes are put on display to complement a plate of warm rice. Pssstt, try their Ayam Masak Merah!


Nasi Dagang offered at Mak Uda Selera Timur is well-recommended by the regulars. For East Coasters, it is hard to find an original Nasi Dagang around Klang Valley that tastes the same as their hometown’s. Mak Uda’s Nasi Dagang is an exception due to its authentic flavour and texture. With the well-seasoned and thick broth, steamed Ikan Tongkol until the bones brittle, and the rice being excellently cooked, this one is got the approved stamp by the local folks. For a taste of traditional Malay cuisine especially from the East Coast side, Mak Uda Selera Timur Restaurant should be in your must-try list. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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