Lucky Ten Western Food is an establishment located in Klang that offers varieties of western delights (the name says it all). Run by a Chinese family and has been operating for more than a decade, the pork and alcohol free practices gives a bit of leeway to any who are particular about those type of food. The restaurant covers quite a big area and the big signboard up front would be hard to miss. Done up more in the style of casual open air restaurant, the easy ambience is perfect for a simple night out and the sizable area welcomes groups of any size.

The menu covers an extensive choice ranging from chicken and beef to fish, side orders, and a few noodle dishes. Majority of the menu comprises of chicken selection, mostly through the cooking style of grilling. Dishes like the Chicken Chop Delight and Grilled Chicken with various sauces are already certified hits but the raving reviews are mostly about the Grilled Chicken with Escargot Sauce.

Known to also be one of their specialties, there are not many places serving something as fancy as escargot for a little over RM10. Lucky Ten is also famous for their steaks; the various Sirloin Steaks and the Mixed Grill with BBQ sauce is a joy to anyone having them. ‘Lo and behold, they also have Grilled Sirloin Steak with Escargot Sauce! If you come here in a group, possibly the best finger foods is a simple bunch of French fries.

Lucky Ten is among the legion of restaurants serving cheaper version of western food without sacrificing the quality. Peak hours would bring in more customers and that means a bit of a wait, or you can avoid them if you can.