Loong Grill Fish Seafood @ SS2 Wai Sek Kai Petaling Jaya

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Petaling Jaya's SS2, looking for a fix to satiate your cravings for seafood -grilled seafood to be exact; look no further. Nestled in SS2 Selera Malam food-court (also known as Wai Sek Kai) is stall no. 69, where you will find yourself marveling at the choices of seafood dishes they have to offer. Welcome to Loong Grill Fish and Seafood, ladies and gents.

For many of its patrons, Loong's grilled fishes are considered to be the highlights and for good reason. Fresh out of the sea, the fishes -with a selection between mackerel, ray and tilapia; are marinated with the stall's own spice-based sauce before taken onto the grill for grilling. Served on banana leaves, the grilled fishes are tantalizing enough to behold, with the appetite-inducing orange coloration -from the sauce used during marination; along with the scent of slightly charred fish. A combination truly meant to assault the senses before plunging patrons into a gastronomical seafood adventure. Of course, if you are up for variety, Loong Grill Fish and Seafood also uses Tom Yam paste as an alternative for their marinate base.

However, at Loong's, it's never enough with grilled fishes alone. Here in stall no. 69, they are also famed for their signature Cheesy Japanese Escargots, and Kam Heong Lala (Kung-pao clams). While the cheesy Japanese escargots are fragrantly flavored and pleasant to the palate owing to the cheese used, the Kam Heong Lala provides a kick in terms of spiciness which will send your taste-buds spiraling with ecstasy. 

Waiting time for your grilled seafood and side orders -that come mainly in the form of selected vegetables; varies according to time, but all in all, it's worth the wait.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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