Life Juice Co. runs by the slogan, ‘saving good people from bad juice. Indeed, they put a lot of effort in maintaining the taste and value of their juices. Those cold-pressed juices are made with a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extrat the maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables. They are 100% pure with all the nutrients retained due to the lack of heat and oxygen commonly found in traditional pasteurization. Indeed, it’s the closest thing you can get to fresh fruits and vegetables, albeit in a more concentrated amount. Putting a priority on health, they only use a natural sweeter derived from plants called agave nectar sparingly.

The stall itself is simple with a counter abuzz with the preparing of juices and a couple of tables and benches for customers to rest at. An LED board on top of the counter displays the choices for patrons to choose from. You should definitely sample their Salad in a Bottle, which consists of celery, apple, cucumber, parsley, spinach, romaine, lemon and jicama. It is indeed a healthy drink with its abundance of vegetables. Do also give 300 Days of Summer a try. This refreshing, summery drink contains mint leaves, watermelon, rock melon, pink guava, lemon and honeydew. It will remain you of a day at the beach. Last but not least, there is the intriguing 50 Shades of Grey. Fear not, it has nothing to do with the notorious book nor movie. Instead, it is a delicious drink made of earl grey tea, coconut, agave nectar. Himalayan salt and hazelnut.

Life Juice Co. have also came out with a series of salad such as Caesar Salad, Rainbow Salad and Sumo Salad to curb your appetite. They also have special brews of tea and coffee so be sure to look out for them!