Liang Heng Pan Mee Restaurant Subang Jaya

Mid 2015, Ho Kien Pan Mee stall that is used to be situated at Lian Heng Restaurant has taken a turn, revamped its name by ambitiously taking a step ahead and opened a restaurant known to the lots as Lian Heng Pan Mee Restaurant located at USJ 1. Where massive queues can be found back where the stall still subsist, their pan mee has build a significant reputation and the upkeep of it is no less than tough however they manage to stood the test of time and still is one of the best till today.

Liang Heng’s pan mee was not easy to obtain back in the days where number queues were being clenched onto by patrons who wanted to get a taste on what the hype is about and yet many would still come without hesitation. Pan mee is all about its pinched dough bits served with anchovies for a little bit of saltiness, sayur manis, and chopped pork all in one bowl. And fortunately on their new opening, this classic dish can be easily got at a fairly time and without long queues anymore. The hand-pinched noodles that are thick and chewy can either be served dry or be soaked in anchovy broth with condiments topping it. Folks would want to opt for the former, cliché yet tasty as the chewy noodles are complimenting the crispy fried anchovies with soy sauce flavouring the minced pork whereas he anchovy broth that has sweetened the soup also seems to have left quite an impression to its eaters, making it their pan mee legendary. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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