If you are ever in Puchong, on the hunt for scrumptious Yong Tau Foo, look no further than Leong Ah in Bandar Puchong Jaya where you can be guaranteed to have your fill of the delectable Chinese delicacy available for your gastronomical disposal.

In essence, Leong Ah serves your everyday culinary Yong Tau Foo fare with the exception that they replenish their stock on a regular basis, so that patrons get the best out of their money. The freshness of their food items help accentuate the taste of their dishes and that helps when it comes to retaining a loyal customer base. In terms of the Yong Tau Foo, their best dishes are meat-stuffed eggplants, meat-stuffed bean-curds, okras, fish -or meatballs, just to name a few. Noodle dishes are also available here as a condiment to accompany the Yong Tau Foo dishes.

But rest assured, as Yong Tau Foo is not the only thing up on the menu. Chinese Zi Char (Stir-fry) is also one of Leong Ah's many culinary specialities. From their famous paper wrapped chicken to their Tung Po braised pork, assam steamed fish and sambal belacan spinach, Leong Ah will tantalise your taste-buds with burst of culinary flavours present in their dishes.

What's more, their dishes are relatively cheaper than other food and beverage establishments around Puchong. Hence, it would be safe to say that Leong Ah is one restaurant that has both taste and variation which is worth your every penny.

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