Founded in July 2018, LeFood was greatly inspired by the Americans slowly forming healthy living cultures and vegetable cuisines. LeFood aspires to be the first leading restaurant/cafe in Malaysia that ventures into vegetable and healthy cuisines and to be able to influence Malaysians as well. 

LeFood is suited for all ages and to attract people from all around to join in this healthy lifestyle. Once it is a lifestyle, it becomes a habit and that's when us Malaysians will be able to enjoy such cuisines. Their food is affordable as they only use organic and healthy ingredients. This is a meatless restaurant however it is NOT a vegetarian/vegan eatery, just a restaurant towards the path of being healthy. 

Serving premium quality, organic and natural ingredients to produce real food to be real tasty, changing the perceptions of healthy food as bitter to deliciously satisfied. All of their dishes contains no MSG and are all freshly prepared, including their cold pressed juices that are made fresh everyday.

LeFood serves dishes such as their Classic Pumpkin Hot Stone Pot which also one of the comfort foods of Taiwan, they have it prepared with natural mushrooms, organic soy sauce and other organic ingredients. Best to have their hot pot along with Taiwanese Famous Braised Rice with a twist of mushrooms replacing the original pork braised rice.

Healthy food doesn't necessarily means salad, it can be a flavourful appetite so you will be able to taste the goodness of it. Speaking of, LeFood's Baked Brown Rice Cheese meets the criteria of healthy and tasteful. Baked with full mozzarella cheese, broccoli bites, tomato slices, portobello mushroom and egg, a dish that you won't feel guilty of having.

Ever tried Quinoa? Cause if you haven't, this Seven Wonder Fried Quinoa has the perfect combination of flavours that compliments the quinoa. Replace rice with quinoa for a healthier choice.

Don't hesitate to give this new lifestyle a try as you will be surprised of how they are able to present healthy greens into something not just the ordinary blunt and boring but colourful and tasty.

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