Standing outside this restaurant will make you feel like you don’t belong in such a high-class place. However, you will be surprised that the price range offered here won’t actually put a hole in your pocket compared to other fine dining or high tea restaurants.

Stepping into the restaurant, you will be impressed by the interior. This elegant restaurant is separated into two parts: White Room and Dark Room. The White Room is very bright and luminous. Ideal for a lovely evening with your best friend while sipping a delicate cup of tea from UK. On the other hand, the Dark Room gives you a more elegant, mysterious and cosy ambience.

People usually have to go to two different places to savour good food and high tea. Here, you can enjoy both in one seating. They offer delicious Western food to fill your empty tummy. Have a try of their Honey Glazed Lavender Lamb Rack. Extra points for the nice plate presentation, the lamb is beautifully marinated and is served with mint sauce on the side. 

Spoil yourself with the finest tea collection from Whittard of Chelsea – be it English Teas such as Black Tea, Green Tea and Fruit & Herbal Infusion Tea; Cold Brew Tea or Tea Mocktail. A cup of tea here is prepared using Steampunk – a siphon brewing machine. Each pot of tea is brewed delicately in every aspect such as temperature, grind and time. While enjoying your Cherry Blossom Green Tea, don’t forget to order their delicate flavoured scones that come along with homemade tea ice cream and side fruits.

If you are not into a noisy, crowded, and stuffy sort of environment in order to enjoy your cup of tea, you should probably consider coming to this place where it provides a fanciful ambience with a calm and relaxed setting.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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