About a 10-minute drive from Sunway Damansara, you would be able to discover a seafood restaurant named Lala Chong which serves quite a good variety of seafood; especially the crabs.

You will be served a plate of pickled mangoes with sour plum and chili padi together with a plate of nuts for the appetisers. The mangoes play on every part of your taste buds with its sweet, sour and slightly spicy flavour which many would agree is a great combination.

Lala Chong’s main dish, as per the name in the signage represents the clams. Going by the name ‘Siong Thong Lala’ which comprises fresh claims cooked in Chinese rice wine, garlic, ginger and a little bit of chili padi. With its large portion and neatly seasoned, this is a dish not to be missed.  

Be slightly cautious when you are ordering your crab dish because if you do not choose the type of crab you would like, you will be automatically served with the slightly pricey one but nevertheless, still delicious and meaty. They have a large choice of menu which shows the type of cooking style you would prefer: Original, Salted Egg Crab, Butter Crab, Marmite Crab and etcetera. Many have recommended the salted egg crab which serves as a very fragrant and tasty dish.  

Another dish on the list that you can order is the salt-grilled fish. Do not be blasphemed by the name as despite that, it tastes nowhere near salty. It is fresh fish stuffed with both garlic and chili padi and then lavishly coated with salt before grilling over a light charcoal fire. The fish is then served with a lime and garlic-made sauce. You can choose to eat it with the sauce or as it is and both are still palatable.

Another handful of dishes that can be ordered include the Pucuk Paku with Tuna or Fried Kangkung with Sambal for some greens and a plate of Taufu Kan for a treat!

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