A two floored restaurant that can hold up to 80 plus people, perfect for private events and catering. This Spanish restaurant is an unforgettable place to be. Dine in and enjoy the Spanish cuisine that they have to offer and wine of your choice from all around the world. La Cocina head chef/owner is a well experienced chef that has worked on the cruise ship of Queen Elizabeth II. He has managed La Cocina for 17 years+ and is well skilled in Spanish Cuisine. All their food served is HALAL including steak.

La Cocina has bought in a grilled stove all the way from Spain to grill up the delicious steaks and chicken wings that you can have. Sitting out on the al fresco, sipping on to some Sangria, a classic Spanish red wine cocktail with citrus fruits, and finger licking good grilled chicken wings while enjoying the sunset gives the amazing Spanish vibes.

The perfect portion of Angus Steak is grilled at the right temperature of heat and turns out as the charcoal tasty steak one would enjoy. However their charcoal grills are only available on Wednesdays to Sundays at night so if you're up for grilled food, you know when to come.