As misleading as the name sounds, La Bodega Tapas Bar does not only cater to Spanish food but also Western food fare. Hence, contrary to initial beliefs, food aficionados can opt to drop by for a meal in La Bodega's at any given time of the day as the restaurant caters to breakfasts, luncheons and dinners throughout the entire week.

Opening its door for the public from the wee early mornings, breakfast deals are rather hearty. If you ever find yourself there, still yawning from the after-effects of waking up earlier that morning, do opt for their Spanish breakfast consisting of a loaf of Italian toast, juicy sauteed mushrooms, savoury baked potatoes, crunchy blanched asparagus, chewy turkey chorizo, succulent chicken sausages as well as two beautiful poached eggs perched on top the loaf of Italian bread. If you prefer something lighter, yet savoury, perhaps their rendition of Eggs Benedict and Salmon will pave way for your appetite to manifest itself. Of course, what would be better to wash down a hearty breakfast than that of La Bodega's very own mushroom tapas (Champinones al Ajillo) made of button mushrooms sauteed with butter, garlic and parsley.

But if you're there for lunch or dinner, the paella (rice) dishes there are most probably your ticket to a satisfying meal. A platter entailing Spanish rice cooked with an assortment of briny seafood (prawns and mussels), seasoned to perfection with peppers and peas, this dish a quite a mouthwatering one as the saffron rice compliments the seafood ingredients rather well. Pastas, too, are available here and in terms of pasta, their seafood pasta is rather exquisite to the palate. However, that is barely scratching the surface with La Bodega's extensive menu and thus, if you wanna find out more, wait no further and head to La Bodega as soon as you can.