Good news feline lovers! If you are a coffee-lover as well, this cafe without a doubt would be perfect. Because why not enjoy two of your favourite things at the same time under one roof! Kopicat Cafe is one of the cat-themed cafes that have been in crowds demand quite recently with its sudden emergence one after another.

A small house with cats to entertain the customers, however even so, hygiene is their utmost importance therefore; the place is categorized into a cat-free section and cat-roaming section. The former cater for patrons who would like to enjoy their coffee and food without cats plotting on to have a bite on those scrumptious foods. But fret not, the cats are well-trained not to disturb customers while they dine, and only to entertain everyone with their adorableness or to pose whenever a camera is around. Cat-roaming section is strict on its rules and regulations on cleanliness and safety, so be sure to have a look at them.

Our furry friends are not the only main attractions of this place, the menu that ranges from coffees to cakes varies just like cats but these ones are edible. Temptations include salted caramel banana cake, peanut butter cake and some brownies to side with special brewed coffees such as the Irish Cream Coffee. With cats around, latte art mimicking cat’s faces is a-must as much as cakes. To be exact, have a go for their special Snickers Cheesecake to be paired with any of your favourite blend. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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