Kong Sai Chicken Rice @ Puchong Puchong

Steamed Chicken Rice may not be the most common chicken rice around but it has its own attraction. At Kong Sai Chicken Rice, the chicken used are village or kampung chicken for that chewy texture, steamed ‘till the skin is soft and the meat is tender. Served along are the usual combination for chicken rice, the rice (obviously), a plateful of chicken and cucumbers depending on the size of order, as well as a chilli base dip for that bit of heat. But Kong Sai adds a little bit more to the mix. What made Kong Sai who they are today, with multiple branches across Klang Valley, is their special signature sauce. Made primarily from ginger, chilli, and soy sauce, it goes so well with their steamed chicken that made it the true star of the show. The best way to sample this luxury is by taking a piece of the still moist and juicy chicken, and eats it together with a dollop of the special sauce. The sauce can be a bit of an acquired taste that to some just doesn’t work, but it is one of the taste that grows on you the more you eat it.

Kong Sai may be a chicken rice shop but some other dishes are worth trying as well. The curry pork ribs may seem a bit small but the taste is as big as it gets. Wrapped in aluminium foil and cooked as such, its home cooked flavour would sure to bring back some memories. Other popular mentions include the very flavourful Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish, the deboned Chicken Feet in spicy, tangy Thai sauce, and also the greens like Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish and Crystal Giant Kangkung. Suitable for lunch and dinner, experience a sensational taste like no other. 

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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