A fan of anything chicken? Then buckle up and head over to Restoran Kong Sai for some heavenly steamed chicken showered with a tasteful amount of black soy sauce and other equally appetising dishes! This restaurant is not your typical desired place to hangout but they make up for it by offering great food at their spacious joint. But beware as this restaurant is sneakily located in PJ amongst some other shop lots which may be difficult to find.  

If you are a first timer here and have not the faintest idea on what to order, hold back your tears for you have struck gold. Immediately call for their steamed chicken as they are exquisitely savoury and not too tough, so even those who have fragile teeth can enjoy them! As for their pork belly pepper soup, those who can stomach anything spicy will be sure to have a good time drinking this as the concoction streams down your throat with a strangely satisfying sensation. 

These are their two other signature dishes: The curry chicken is to die for, with a safe level of spiciness and consistency. Not to mention they are also loaded with potatoes - which, only makes it better! The next dish is their Tofu balls. They have to be consumed carefully as they are as chewy as they are delicious. The piping hot soup simply adds a magical finish to this dish. 

Do remember to watch out for their other good dishes such as the chicken feet salad, fried egg and steamed minced pork!

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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