Located just within the building of the distinguished Ko Skin Specialist Centre in Klang, Ko’s Café has made a name of its own for their amazing coffees. Built with the intention of allowing customers who visit the clinic for their appointments have a comfortable waiting area and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee as well as other meals like noodles or even sweet bites.


Starting with their coffee, patrons give it a thumbs up because of their usage of Arabica coffee beans. Usually good beans will make good coffee and at Ko’s Café, they take into consideration their customers’ satisfaction towards their service. The menu has a list of the possible options where you can have the beans grinded and made into a hazelnut latte or just enough for an aromatic long black. Ko’s Café also includes some fun facts why a coffee a day is good for your health, but unfortunately they never included anything relevant to skin nor complexion.

 If you are not a coffee person, fret not because they still have a tea collection with intriguing names and descriptions which includes the usual Earl Grey with a tint of Lavender, the very favourite of Jasmine Dragon Pearl green tea or you can settle for something exotic like the Organic South African Bush tea with a combination of Tomato and Carrot or Pineapple, Mango and Basil. 

If you are in the midst of a long wait, you can try out their bites like a French toast or even a bowl of warm Mee Hoon Kuey soup. Other than that, have some bite on their cakes which is a reasonable slice served on a plate decorated with a chocolate syrup drawing.

Operating Hour

Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

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