Restoran Fa Kee is a Chinese restaurant and coffee shop located in Taman Kinrara, Puchong. Like most Chinese restaurants of this fashion, there are numerous stalls that the restaurant houses, all of which offer a wide variety of dishes to enjoy. That said, there are only a handful that stand out, namely the Special Smooth Pan Mee stall, the curry mee/laksa stall and the chicken rice stall.

Uncle Chan has been selling his Special Smooth Pan Mee for almost a decade (since 2007). Uncle Chan has kept a strict all hand-made policy when it comes to the noodles. As a result, you will not find a rolling machine at his stall. The Pan Mee comes in broad strips in random lengths, which is attributed to Uncle Chan’s skills in pulling out balls of dough in a basin of water. The pulling and stretching is all done beneath water where the dough would have softened, ultimately making long broad strips of noodles that are slithery smooth whilst having a delightful bite to them.

The Pan Mee comes in both the soupy and dry versions. The former is made with the help of simmering pork bones and anchovies for hours and topping the bowl with minced and sliced pork, thick slices of Chinese mushrooms, fried beancurd skin, crunchy anchovies and a choice of either lettuce leaves or “sayur manis”; while the latter is tossed in a concoction of black soya sauce and oyster sauce, and is made more aromatic with some lardy oil in it before being topped with minced pork, accompanied by a side bowl of pork broth.


So do head down to Restoran Fa Kee to enjoy some of the best Pan Mee available in Puchong.

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