KD Hong Kong Restaurant has brought Hong Kong's authentic cuisine flavours to Malaysia after a long period of innovation and research and development. Kd HongKong Restaurant also uses the best quality of the ingredients and the affordable meals which will just make you feel like at home. 

 First, we start with the HongKong Scallop Herbal Chicken Soup + Braised Egg + Bean Curd + White Rice. This herbal scallop chicken soup is just perfect for those who love to have soup most of the time and the chicken is tender and has a very good smell of the herbs.

Next up is the from the Spaghetti menu.  if you're a fan of Spaghetti then the Kd HongKong Spaghetti will be the just perfect dish for you where their spaghetti consists of the perfect salmon fish which is so tender and also with the tomato sauce. if you're a person who doesn't like spiciness then this salmon spaghetti is the one for you.

Then we were given their signature burger which is known as KD Chicken Charcoal Burger topped with the homemade charcoal bun. The only way to get the seamless combination of crisp crust and melt-in-your-mouth, fresh-from-the-oven-taste is to bake the buns from scratch in their bakery daily. That does not end there. The Chicken patties are all grinded and hand-packed by themselves in order to maintain the freshness and juiciness of each patty. , anyone from any age, race and religion can enjoy the burgers in their simplistic yet lively and chilling ambience.

Next, we have is the Wantan Mee with BBQ Chicken(Dry). You're not just looking at another serving of Wantan Mee here. In fact, the combination of fresh noodles and the BBQ Chicken lights the way around your palate. The stringy mee offers a slight crunch with every bite while the BBQ Chicken complements it by melting in your mouth, bursting with caramelized and smoky flavours. What more can you ask for when simplicity simply means amazing here. 

Who doesn't love cheese? Well at Kd HongKong you will be able to choose varieties of Kd Cheese Baked Rice but if you're planning to have the Cheese Baked Rice then go for their Cheese Baked Rice With Smoke Duck. The duck will have a little bit combination of crisp crust which will make you crave the duck more and the cheese is perfectly baked.

Kd HongKong is also famous for its Dim sum. on the left is Teow chew Mai and on the right is Chicken Chivas Dumpling, it was a mouth-watering dim sim in the end by Kd Hong Kong Restaurant.

If you're a tea kind of person then make sure try their Kd HongKong Milk Tea. It tastes like Teh-Tarik but better than the Mamak Teh-Tarik.


Makusre try their Kd HongKong Ying Yang.