Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant specialises in Chinese food, with a bias towards seafood and vegetables. The kitchen where all the magic happens is linked to the restaurant’s two dining areas: a small but airy and air-conditioned front room in white with shopfront-style windows; and a larger, alfresco space outside the eatery with a few fans to keep the diners comfortable.

Daily specials might include classics such as steamed fish, stir-fry veggies, and pork ribs. A starter of stir-fried long beans, okras, angled beans, brinjal, and a touch of shrimp paste called The Four Heavenly Kings was deliciously fresh and juicy. Then followed by a memorable Stir-fry Haruan (snakehead) dish with ginger and scallions – a perfect mix of complementary flavours.

The long menu list includes all the classics as well as seasonal variations such as pork ribs, stir-fry lettuce, steamed fish Teochew style. You should opt for their signature dish Steamed snakehead with ginger, black beans and special soy sauce. In true Chinese style, ginger, scallion, soy and cilantro is a big favourite in every Chinese delicacy. 

The main attraction of this restaurant would definitely be the snakehead dishes. The stir-fried snakehead with ginger, garlic and shallots can be spotted on almost every table. Patrons are in love with this dish due to its good wok hei. The holy trinity of Chinese cooking – ginger, garlic and shallots are again used and work their wonderful aroma into thin slices of snakehead which has been seared and caramelised. Fresh beansprouts and carrot add crunch to the aromas of Chinese shao xing wine.

Looking at the exterior of this restaurant, it might look simple and dull. However, there is nothing simple nor dull when it comes to their cooking. Highly recommended!

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