On a hot day like how it is every day of the year in Malaysia, desserts are what most people would think of having. So when it comes to the mouth-watering, sometimes bone chilling desserts, what would a normal person think about? Is it the décor of the place that gets people off? Or the simple fact that the desserts are great? Whichever way, desserts are best to have not along but with company. Think about the friendly catching ups, family bonding times, or even the simple fact of a casual date between two aspiring people. Life in general is better with desserts.

Situated in the old and humble area of Paramount Garden, or Taman Paramount, for some, this dessert café appeals to people partly because of its minimalistic design and simple décor. You get to expect a polished concrete floor with a touch of green that happily compliments the simple and beautiful tables and chairs arranged nicely for everyone to get a nice and cosy feel during their time with their desserts.

A clear roof provides the café with light, produced by the all-natural scorching sun, but do not get the wrong idea, as the interior is air-conditioned. All that combined makes this humble place very picture worthy all round. Manned by the same people who brought along Thirdwave, good coffee and tea is also served. Famous for their shaved ice desserts, do give their watermelon-flavoured one a go, along with their pumpkin-flavoured one. Also, do not miss out on their “Warabimochi” which comes in two flavours, Matcha and Kinako.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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