Another Vietnamese joint that has sprouted out of the soil of Bandar Puteri Puchong has been in between talks among the folks of Puchong where the name Kafe Banh Mi is no longer a strange name. Claiming to deliver the highest quality of traditional Vietnamese banh mi or also known as Vietnam’s traditional sandwich, made out of the freshest ingredients around, Kafe Banh Mi put forth the philosophy that strive as “Great Vietnamese Baguette that is Freshly Baked”. Since the beginning of its opening back in 2014, this petite cafe is quite secluded within neighbourhood area of Puchong and yet the name is already quite known.

The cafe is helmed by a duo of siblings, Cindy and her brother that migrated to Malaysia from Ho Chi Minh City back in 2010 where most of the time Cindy’s brother single handedly churned his 20 years of expertise into making Vietnam’s famous baguette. The enticing smell of a freshly baked baguette can be spotted even from walks away where the stacked dough is baked to perfection every morning.  What makes a good banh mi depends on the bread’s texture as well apart from the hearty filling of which Banh Mi Cafe has definitely strived in making so. The bread’s fluffiness really brings out the authenticity of the supposed baguette whereby the choices of fillings are of variety such as fried chicken, grilled pork, and many more. Aside from the suspecting banh mi variety, Banh Mi Cafe also serves other authentic Vietnamese street cuisine such as grilled pork in betel leaves, stews, and many more. In short, this cafe is a great place to be for some pleasant high tea session while gobbling down on sandwiches.