In an underground corner of Jaya One, sits a business that prides itself of its daily prepared delicious Cold-Pressed juices and freshly made smoothies. Juus cafe is situated in a busy corner and serves its 'Grab & Go Juices' and 'Made-to-Order smoothies' and also caters to sit-ins. This small and cozy cafe has a clean nature look fitted with antique-hipster furnishings; grass walls, wooden table and counter tops, and metal lighting. Creating an environment best fit for 1-on-1 meetings or an evening chat with a friend. 

Juus provides a variety of juices that come in differing sizes that are made from an entire whole variety of 40 ingredients that are fresh and prepared readily for the ever-busy individual. These ingredients visible for display on the wall shows the health benefits that each of them contribute to your body, thus giving you the choice to choose what is best for your body when you need or want.  

Other items might be found in this cafe such as when there are themed promotions that are available for an amount of time such as their Signature Cleanser: Detox; where there are 6 blends of juices that are meant to be consumed every 2 hours, within a day, to fully rid your body of toxins and the such. Hearty meals and snacks might be found on their counters too.

Though currently having only one outlet, this juicer is definitely not one to miss if you aim to look for a healthy and tasty beverage. Health junkies and fruit lovers, Juus Up!