Biryani rice depicts one of the wonders of middle Eastern cuisine. The word ‘Birian’ means ‘fried before cooking’. In the past, rice was fried without washing in Ghee (clarified butter) to get a nutty flavour and to gelatinize the outside starch layer. The dish has travelled to many places and each of them being modified in its own way. Here in JM Bariani House, Shah Alam has its own original recipe of Biryani rice with its good old Johor style cookery bursting out all the right flavours. 


Right in the vicinity of section 7, Shah Alam of Tesco is where JM Bariani House is placed. The restaurant is placed near Jakel. Customers would not have to worry about parking as there are more than enough to accommodate since its located in the shopping cell itself. Decorated with colourful pictures of their famous Nasi Biryani and other popular dishes with colourful patterned along the walls. The counter is set at the back alongside rows side dishes.


JM Bariani House serves Biryani rice with sides of your preferred choice. Customers are able to choose from the set menu as well if you’d like a variety of other dishes. Take note that there are a few special dishes only available on certain days. Mondays and Tuesdays: Bariyani Gam Daging, Wednesdays and Thursdays: Bariyani Gam Ayam, Fridays and Saturdays: Bariyani Gam Kambing. Complete your meal with either the 3 layered tea, air bandung or any fruit juice that’ll quench your thirst.

The restaurant caters to company banquets or any other special occasions. Reservations are based on availability. A restaurant that’s suitable for a group of friends or just a night out with your family.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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