Over the years, Ichiban Ramen has grown as a household name with chains of stores located throughout Malaysia. Being one of the many popular Japanese restaurants around as it already is, this place aims to create a rather pleasant and exquisite ramen dining experience with contemporary Japanese ambience setting the place up. This specific outlet located in Sunway Pyramid is living up to their reputation in serving a delicious ramen in town the minute it opens its doors to people.

The name was first established back in the year 2002 with their 1st outlet on the 4th floor of KLCC serving only ramen, fried rice and gyoza of which over the years have been in between talks among the crowds that led this chain to branch out. Unquestionably a good decision to venture out considering folks residing at outskirts of Kuala Lumpur can now enjoy Ichiban’s ramen at their convenient. Menu has expanded where not only their wide selections of ramen received spotlights but along with their don, udon, and soba dishes manage to please patrons for quite some time now. Nevertheless of course, the name Ichiban Ramen is significantly synonymous to their ramen varieties such as prawn & cuttlefish spicy ramen, Sapporo miso ramen, chicken karaage ramen, and not to mention Ichiban’s prize-winner beef ramen folk’s classic favourite yet still great in taste. Delicious-looking desserts Ichiban’s style are also available such as the ever popular Matcha Ice Cream, homemade caramel pudding, and many others delectable enough to end your Japanese dining experience.