I love Yoo! is just the right spot for casual snacks or the after lunch pick me ups, its traditional menu with a twist of modern is a nice addition serving an affordable Chinese specialty selections for mall goers in Subang. Located on the lower ground level of Empire Shopping Gallery, this I Love Yoo! branch is one of 35 branches in Malaysia and 23 are scattered across Klang Valley.   

I love Yoo! serves a mean crispy fried sesame balls with three scrumptious flavours to choose from which is a must try! On the heavier side of the menu, patrons may opt for the rice porridge. Choose between Dry Scallop Porridge and Dry Oyster Peanut Porridge to satisfy your porridge cravings. Their Yoo Tiao is their pride and specialty and it gets replenished pretty quickly and it makes an amazing combination with their rice porridge. Tow Foo Far is also a huge deal here as it is always fresh and it is a big hit with their customers! Specializing in all things fried and crispy, their selections are good all day, tea time especially!  

When in doubt just hit up I love Yoo! for various picks on traditional Chinese snacks. Their Soya Bean drink are also made with love and guarantees an authentic taste. They also serve set menus giving more value to their customers. Also on their menu, their various buns, yam ball and sweet potato ball you can try at your own pace for this chain is not going anywhere being a pioneer in Chinese snacks at various locations in Klang Valley.