Hyotan Japanese Restaurant Subang Jaya

The Japanese culture is one of the most widely spread cultures in the world, which is quite a feat considering the size of their country. It is no difference here in Malaysia either. It can be safely said that wherever you go, it is almost always easy to find a Japanese restaurant. Some of these restaurants do try to venture out of the way of the expected Japanese cuisine (bento or teppanyaki restaurant), but most stayed in the competition by serving the freshest of sea foods. Hyotan Japanese Restaurant is one of them. Situated in SS15, it is not by far the only Japanese restaurant in the vicinity (three others are close by) but if you’re looking to try a different restaurant for the sake of experience, this one is a good choice.

The general menu at Hyotan consists of sashimi, sushi, rolls, tempura, donburi, ramen, soba, yakitori and many more. One highlight at the establishment is the Sashimi Moriawase or the Mixed Sashimi Platter. Served fresh, it includes salmon, maguro, hamachi, butterfish and octopus, a dish that is best shared with a love one. There are also sets like the Unagi Kabayaki Set and the Salmon Bento Set, complete with rice, salad, vegetable pickle, fruits, and of course, unagi and salmon respectively. The unagi are well cooked and cut in thick, juicy pieces, while the salmon are fresh and professionally sliced. 

All in all, in the midst of the impressive amount of Japanese restaurants, Hyotan may seem a bit low profile but it proves to be a good place to just relax and enjoy. The restaurant also offers Japanese alcohol like sake as well as the usual beer brands as well.

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