Along Jalan Hip Hing off Jalan Goh Hock Huat Klang sits Hou Moon Restaurant that serves varieties of Chinese and Cantonese dishes ranges from the ever classic steamed fish to deep fried prawns with long beans and brinjals. This restaurant pretty much put forth classic Chinese dishes however many have had their fair share of the taste and would not hesitate even for a second to return for another round.  Among the many specialties of Hou Moon is the steamed fish in assam sauce and the crowds loved it! So much so that this terrific dish has been featured in many columns of blogs and newspapers that pretty much justifies as to why the folks does not seem to get enough of.

 Another spotlight this restaurant receives is bequeathed on their kung pao mantis prawn meat. This dish is nicely done as the amount of meat is generous enough to feed an entire household with absolute little amount of flour. It does come to a surprise, a pleasant one, considering that other places would serve the prawn meat with too much flour overwhelming the aftertaste altogether. But fret not; Hou Moon would deliver crunchiness on every bite you take off the prawn meat.

Hou Moon Restaurant has been around for more than 20 years and the people of Klang neighbourhood are pretty well versed in the likes of it and by the look of customers going in and out of the place, the likelihood for it to sustain against the test of time ascended for the next 50 years more perhaps?