Hong Kee Dessert @ Seksyen 17 Wai Sek Kai Petaling Jaya

Looking for authentic ‘tong sui’ to satisfy your cravings? Cannot seem to locate the ones that taste like a family tradition? Then you must head on to one of the humble stalls located in Seksyen 17’s marketplace, somewhere near the open-space carpark. With only about RM 2.20, you will receive a bowl of sugary goodness that will warm you inside!


With countless stainless steel pots neatly arranged at the stall and the dessert filled to the brim, it will be very hard to make a decision if you do not already have what you want in mind. But this way, why not try them all? Ranging from the common ones that can be found elsewhere to the traditional ones that are only located in certain areas, Hong Kee Dessert serves over more than a dozen types of tong sui every evening till late. Sweet potato, sweet almond, red bean, black sesame… you name it! You can also choose your favourite ingredients to go with it and the price would be still remain the same.

The consistency of each bowl is absolutely satisfying and that is adds in to the famous factor for Hong Kee’s Dessert. Be it served hot or chilled, there happens to be no dilution detected and it would not be too sweet as well.

All are advised to be there as early as 6 p.m. as crowds are gathered there for dinner at the open-space car park and you would want to have a comfortable seat to enjoy your very own option of refreshing and delicious ‘sugar water’.

Operating Hour

Every day

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