Malaysians are known for their big appetite and wide variety of food so why not celebrate at Hometown Steamboat? This steamboat restaurant has a number of branches scattered all around Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan as well as in Seremban. Fashioning a signature orange hue, the restaurant holds enough tables for a large crowd. If you are nearby Kota Damansara and your tummy is telling you to fill them up with delectable steamboat food with premium ingredients, wait no further and head on to Hometown Steamboat with your family and friends!

Hometown serves an array list of not only steamboat items but also fondue and a la carte dishes ranging of fried to refreshments as well as desserts. Though the menu may be a handful to go through, have your pick from their Twelve Must-try dishes ranging of Grilled Pork Bowl, Gourmet Pork, Double-coated Pork Dumplings, Lobster and Seafood steam pot, Kimchi pork slice and more. There also set meals available for steamboat. A choice of their signature Tom Yam and Abalone soup bases can also be accompanied by chicken porridge or Pumpkin porridge and more.

Uniquely, Hometown serves more than just your usual steamboat but also Cheese Fondue and Chocolate Fondue! Have a cheesy meal with their Cheesy Crazy Seafood Platter Fondue as well as other seat meals that go incredibly well with creamy sweet, tangy yet savoury cheese. Aside Cheese, dip a variety of sweet treats such as strawberries, bananas, apples, cakes, cookies as well as ice cream into chocolaty chocolate.

The menu is further delighted with a wide selection of unique refreshing beverages such as the signature Banana Chocolate smoothie, Pandan Longan on ice, Cola Cooler, Passion Fruit Green Tea, Passionfruit, Apple and Orange Freeze as well as beers. 

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